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?他的最新自选集。他早年以短篇小说引起文坛瞩目,《迷舟》、《青黄》都是传诵一时的名篇。这些故事以优雅精纯的语言和清晰缜密的细节呈现出无比真实的生活质地感,同时又让微妙难言的意绪如迷雾流淌,仿佛义山诗境。伟大作家的天分从一开始 便显露无疑,并在?

相遇xiang ebok 相遇Xiang yu PDFEPUB?他的最新自选集。他早年以短篇小说引起文坛瞩目,《迷舟》、《青黄》都是传诵一时的名篇。这些故事以优雅精纯的语言和清晰缜密的细节呈现出无比真实的生活质地感,同时又让微妙难言的意绪如迷雾流淌,仿佛义山诗境。伟大作家的天分从一开始 便显露无疑,并在?

☂ 相遇Xiang yu PDF / Epub ✐ Author Ge Fei – 《相遇》收录格非二十余年来中短篇小说十二篇,是他的最新自选集。他早年以短篇小说引起文坛瞩目,《迷舟》、《青黄》都是传诵一时的名篇。这相遇Xiang yu PDF Epub Author Ge Fei Cutabovebarberagencycouk 《相遇》收录格非二十余年来中短篇小说十二篇,是他的最新自选集。他早年以短篇小说引起文坛瞩目,《迷舟》、《青黄》都是传诵一时的名篇。这? 《相遇》收录格非二十余年来中短篇小说十二篇,?

MOBI cutabovebarberagencycouk ↠ 相遇Xiang yu PDF ç 格非; pinyin Gé Fēi; Wade–Giles Ke Fei born pen name for Liu Yong 刘勇 is a notable contemporary Chinese author whose works were prominent during the late s and early s Ge Fei was considered one of the preeminent experimental writers during that period and he is currently a professor of literature at Tsinghua UniversityHis most prominent work is the novel 人面桃花 Renmian Taohua Peach Blossom Beauty which explores the concept of utopia and is written with many classical allusions It is the first book of the Jiangnan Trilogy The second book 山河入梦 Shānhé rùmèng My Dream of the Mountain and River was published in and the third one 春尽江南 Chūn jǐn jiāngnán Spring Ends in Jiangnan in The title of Renmian Taohua is taken from a classical work and has also been used by the director Du Haibin for his documentary on a gay club in Chengdu ; the English name for the film is Beautiful Men but this is not a direct translationfrom Wikipedia.

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