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Jam PDFOuld even have dealt with zombies ProbablyBut no one expected the end to be uite so sticky or strawberry scented We were prepared for an earthuak.

Ould even have dealt with zombies ProbablyBut no one expected the end to be uite so sticky or strawberry scented We were prepared for an earthuak.

[PDF / Epub] ★ Jam By Yahtzee Croshaw – We were prepared for an earthuake We had a flood plan in place We could even have dealt with zombies ProbablyBut no one expected the end to be uite so sticky or strawberry scented[PDF / Epub] Jam By Yahtzee Croshaw We were prepared for an earthuake We had a flood plan in place We c.

Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Benjamin Richard Yahtzee Croshaw is an English comedic writer video game journalist and author of adventure games created using Adventure Game Studio software He writes articles for Australia's Hyper magazine a major games publication He uses his website Fully Ramblomatic as an outlet for his own work including weekly dark humour articles essays fiction and webcomics He is currently m.

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  • Patrick

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDFLike most people I know Yahtzee primarily through his brilliantly scathing video game reviews Here's a link for the uninitiated I found out that he'd written a book as well I was curious But honestly I didn't have high expectations I don't mean this as a dig It's just that brilliance is not necessarily transferable Just because Yahtzee can be funny clever and witty in a five minute review doesn't mean that he can write a funny clever witty novel No than I could jump in and do his job and be good at it All t

  • JJ DeBenedictis

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDFThis author comes up with the most insane ideas and then makes them not only work but be really funny and tell a good story besidesThis book is about flesh eating strawberry jam flooding Brisbane See what I mean about the basic premise being insane But the characters are believable and relatable while still being eccentric and hilarious the story strolls happily along with a slowly unravelling mystery threaded into the hijinks of basic survival and this was the big surprise to me the story cli

  • Nicholas Karpuk

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDFJam is a bit of a puzzle for me to review It excels at the exact thing that I'm often the least interested in plot It's a well constructed story with a post apocalyptic concept that seemed reasonably fresh to me with a pacing that seldom dragged But it made me realize that the only way a misanthrope can really write compelling characters is by being a narcissist At least then the protagonist gets some development at least if its based on the authorThe entire story emanates a strong level of contempt for every character involved Almost everyone has a single character trait and that character trait can be ignored if it doesn't f

  • Brendan

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDF35Yahtzee Croshaw has an interesting story basis for his stories and Jam is probably one of the weirder ones so far I had heard this was a Brisbane Australia based book so I must admit it went right to the very top of my pile The book is a very different take on the end of the world storyli

  • Ana Mardoll

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDFJam B00A7H2E3WI loved Yahtzee Croshaw's first book Mogworld and I went into Jam expecting to love it and I did so at least I'm both consistent and predictable lol And I'm already on tenterhooks hoping that Jam will come out on audiobook soon so that I can listen to it for a second read through But let me also just state upfront that Jam is not going to be for everyone though nothing ever is and then I'll get to why Jam is essentially a zombie apocalypse story with the zombies replaced by man eating jam Our point of view character wakes up one morning to find that his city was covered with three feet of jam while he slept and now it's up to him and the remaining few survivors to paw through the wreckage while navigating the rooftops of a ruined city And this whole setup reminds me of one of Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation reviews I think it was one for Left 4 Dead where he theorized that as long as an author c

  • Eric Allen

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDFThis book was pretty fun A pretty entertaining lampooning of apocalypse survivor stories full of the author’s trademark sarcasm and dry British humor

  • Batgrl (Book Data Kept Elsewhere)

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDFYahtzee Croshaw is known to videogamers as that Australian guy who makes online video reviews for games using animated stick figures a bit like those on warning signs on a yellow background that feature the odd bit of cursing images of penises and give you the idea that they're probably made mainly for a young male audience Zero Punctuation wikipedia page Z

  • Stacy GeekRemixALot

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDFA solid humorous take on an apocalyptic scenario I didn't enjoy this uite as much as Croshaw's other books but was still uite fun

  • Victoria Waddle

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDF“I woke up one morning to discover that the entire city had been covered in a three foot layer of man eating jam”Croshaw begins his send up of the future apocalypse with a distinctive strawberry flavor The man eating jam that covers Brisbane Australia immediately devours Travis’s one job holding roommate who is heading off to the gym to work out This leaves Travis our slacker hero with his surviving roommate Tim They find only two other survivors in the building—Don who was home after working all night on his ‘build’ he’s a game designer and Angela a wannabe journalist who work

  • Sean McGovern

    Paperback✓ Jam PDF ç Jam PDFFor the record I was predisposed to like this book I don't like Jelly for those of us in the US Also I like Yahtzee Croshaw MogWorld was a lovely twisted and twisting tale and his vidoes on YouTube are both thoughtful and utterly hilarious So when a friend said that this had come out and told me the back blurb I was already hookedOk I just deleted a block of text about how I approached this book which is a gamble I rarely take becausewell there's a lot of reflections for the big three generations currently knocking about the Western Cultural world The Baby Boomers Gen X and the Millennials how'd we get the crap name again all show up at some point and their various little uirks fill the action and themes of the novel Trust corporate culture Check Subverted Consumer culture Touched on but Romero did it best so no harm

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