About us

We are the UK's Online Barber and Hair dressing Agency. We allow businesses across the UK and the rest of the world to search for the perfect employee for their salons, as well as offering the opportunity for those looking for work in the industry the ability to find the best salons to work or train in.

In other words we answer that age old question, "Where can I find the best staff to innovate our business to make it a Cut Above The Rest? Well ask no more as cut above the rest can find them.

Q. So what is the Cut Above The Rest agency?
A. Cut Above The Rest agency is a forward thinking web site where we bring the barbering/hair dressing  professionals together.

With our 20 years experience in the barbering field, we at Cut Above The Rest agency have come to the crude realization that although barbering  is a beautiful art, it is also a dying art.

It seems as though there are not enough barbers out there to go around. It is apparent that when you need them, they are nowhere to be found. However, when you don't need them they are everywhere but in your establishment. We as managers have difficulties in recruiting and maintaining the right barbers and we are reluctant to dismiss them when justified because of the fear of being short of staff. We all know finding good reliable staff can be very tedious so we are making this process easier. There are stylist so desperate to find work and to train to become top stylists, but do not know how to go about seeking and applying for employment. There are also those who are desperate to learn barbering/hair dressing but do not know how or where to start. This is wear Cut Above The Rest barbering agency can help you source the right establishment to help you achieve your ambitions.

How does the Agency help?
Firstly for the professional barber/hairdresser or trainee there is a membership registration. This gives you access to a database of clients and professional businesses. Businesses can have direct access to the registered members all in one place.

enabling those wanting stylists and the stylists who are seeking work to be brought together.

Our passion for the industry is the key motivation that drives use to constantly improve, and innovate your business . In the future, we aim to gather as much knowledge and expert advice on hair care, great instruction on styling techniques and insights into the latest products as part of the service. You will also find that our agency is very straight forward and easy to use. Membership is aimed at both businesses and stylists alike.

We are the match making hair dressing/barbering agency. You ask for a match made in heaven and we give you the forum to make it happen.